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Off Road Go Kart
Off Road Go Kart

XTM go kart/off road buggy is designed for people of all ages. Mini 50 kids off road buggy is suitable for children more than 6 years old. It quipped with 163cc, 5.5hp engine pull start and features 2-wheel drive and centrifugal clutch, simple in control with stop / go foot pedals. A padde...

  • Racing Off Road Buggy For Kids
    Sport Racing Off Road Buggy 200cc Red

    XTM petrol buggy is simple operation off road go kart. This buggy racing is suitable for 8-16 years old. Designed best sports buggy for you in our mind, it can tackle steep banks and hillsides to thick muddy tracks! You can set the desired speed when you controls define simplicity with stop / go footpedals and a throttle restrictor.

  • Adult All Terrian 300cc Go Kart
    Adult Off Road Go Kart 300 XRS Silver

    XTM off road go cart is simple operation all terrain go kart. This two seater go kart is suitable for adult. Designed best off road go cart in our mind, it can tackle steep banks and hillsides to thick muddy tracks! You can set the desired speed when you controls define simplicity with stop / go footpedals and a throttle restrictor.

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  • Why are all-terrain firefighting motorcycles ATV and UTV so popular these days?

    Why are all-terrain firefighting motorcycles ATV and UTV so popular these days? ATV and UTV are suitable for emergency support in various scenarios In recent years, all-terrain fire-fighting motorcycles ATV and UTV have appeared in more fire situations. At the same time, due to their small size, flexibility, low fuel consumption, and safety and stability, today’s fire-fighting motorcycles are not only used in post-event rescue and disaster relief, but also in fire protection. Key areas and densely populated areas walk through the streets and alleys, and achieve the purpose of combining the three effects of publicity, patrolling and on-duty through the spread of common knowledge of fire prevention and fire fighting, inspection of fire hazards, and fixed-point duty. The end of the year is approaching, and people are densely populated. The fire prevention publicity before the event and the fire rescue after the event are equally important. A fire broke out in the shopping mall, and the all-terrain fire-fighting motorcycle could shuttle through various streets, stairs and the interior of the shopping mall, and rushed to the scene quickly. The all-terrain fire-fighting motorcycle body water mist system is imported from Italy and powered by an engine, which is conducive to controlling the spread of fire on the spot and the form of the early stage of the fire.

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  • XTM Employee Care For The Old People

    July 1, 2017, Saturday, Party's Day, Sunny day. In the afternoon, we organized an activities of Care for the community. Now I would like to talk about the feelings of this event. Personally opinion, it is really needed for the company to participate in public welfare activities every quarter. In the meantime, we can earn a feeling of pleasure and accomplishment which you can’t not feel in normal days. Why talk it in public? It is not to prove to others. But to publicize the idea of do public service and to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm and motivation. Everyone should have a sense of responsibility to society, even though we can do something insignificant, but to ourselves, to others, to the society, is a harvest. About the arrangement of this activity, I think it is a challenge for individual organizational skills, but also a chance to exercise. Since there was no previous experience, the activities of the organization is not successful in general. Preparation is not sufficient, which caused a certain embarrassing atmosphere to the follow-up activities . Even though, we have learned a lot from it. For example, accumulated experience for next similar activities , we need to prepare several sets of programs according to different circumstances and give a preparatory program; do full pre-investigation and so on. When we arrived at nursing home in the afternoon, the old people are sitting in the Canteen and watching TV. The feeling of my first glance is, how small the number of people? It is a big difference with the information provided by the contact. After checked, i found that a lot of old people lying in bed and can not to come. The second feeling is that many of them who sitting  here are mobility. Seeing their gray hair, wrinkled face, rickets body, some old man hemiplegia, shrinking hands do not listen to the call, some dementia.That moment i feeling distressed. These old people just like our grandparents. They dedicatetheir youth and strength without reservation to their family, children, society. They suffering, after years of vicissitudes. It is lamenting the years ruthless and life easy old and let us know the precious of life and youth of the short, we should be grateful to the elderly, cherish life. In addition, we all have different feelings. Summed up, firstly, we should care for the elderly in our daily life , give them some warmth; Secondly, we should call on the community, as children, should give your parents a little more love, spend more time to accompany them; Thirdly, as the younger generation, we should do more exercise, so you can have a strong physique, for your own future, and it can also reduce the pressure of your children. During the activities, we sing a few songs, also brought some fruit and milk for the elderly . At the same time, there are many nursing workers show their talent and bring a lot of joy. Activity time did not last for a long time. At the back of the stage, we give the elderly a massage. Most of the elderly can not speak Putonghua, but eyes of the exchange can also bring some comfort to them.  The old people began to their dinner at five o'clock in the afternoon, we sitting side of them and folding paper cranes. And we send them our blessings after their meal, hope they can be happy every day in the future. There are many details and touched in the activities, all in the words. After activities , we take a photo together and bid farewell. We are very sad, almost coming tears. Hope they are good and we can have more opportunity to go there and visit them. Below is the photos of this activity:

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Customer Service
Sinomach Extreme Moto (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Quality Control XTM pays high attention to quality and always exerts our effort to improve our products continuously according to feedback from customers. To ensure the quality of our vehicles and other products, Our QC staffs do strict supplier evaluations, in-coming inspections, in-process inspections, final inspections and pre-delivery inspections. We rigorously test each vehicle after assembly by our state of the art testing simulators and actual road tests. Each vehicle is finally inspected using our over hundred point checklist before packaging. The most important is that we listen to what our customers say and are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our products through continuous improvement. Parts available XTM has made a commitment to be the top in the line with better customer services. We have spare parts for immediate delivery to anywhere in the world. While our vehicles become standard with more features than anyone else, we also offer more optional parts for our vehicles than anyone else. High quality-cost ratio To keep our customer competent on market, we strive to get the best pricing for the products based on strict quality standard to make sure our products are of high quality-cost ratio and we always provide the most accurate and up to date information of suppliers in the market Good warranty We take customer satisfaction and product quality as the first priority for us. We supply reliable one year warranties and efficient after-sales services. In case any complaint received, our service team will take action immediately to collect informations and held meetings with QC dept. Replacement parts will be ready in one week! Efficient service We are ready to make a reply within 12 hours to your inquiry and querries. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns you may have regarding to our vehicles, products or customer services you have received. XTM service team For smooth shipment and efficient after sale service, XTM has a professional service team that will provide timely update of production and shipment status for customer's 1st hand information Any help needed in China even include booking hotel, interpreter service etc, we will always have a team here to help you! Agent service available To satisfy our customers demand, we have setup long term and reliable relations with many Chinese vehicle suppliers. We are becoming more and more competitive in product quality, cost control, and part supply, which make our customers very competitive in their markets.

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